Explore the diverse excursions and activities that we have prepared for you, to experience Villarma and its surroundings to the fullest.


High Andean Lakes

Tour of the lakes: Piquecocha in Vitis; Huallhua with its beautiful waterfalls, Huarimanca; Papacocha and Paucarcocha from where you can see the mighty Pariacaca snowy peak.

Uchco canyon

We went out towards the Uchco canyon which means "Hollow", the most impressive thing about this place is that in the upper part of the canyon it is possible to jump from one side to the other, surroundedBy an amazing landscape.

Pre-Hispanic platforms

We go out in a van to the pre-hispanic terraces of Laraos, monumental stands that extend over an area of 250 hectares.


Gods Route

Part of the Inca trail that runs through Escalerayoc, the Cuchimachay caves where cave paintings from 6000 years ago are found, ending at the sacred Lake of Mullucocha.


We leave in a van heading to Laraos, passing pre-Hispanic platforms and the Cochapampa lake, the ascending until we reach the paintings of Quilkaska and descending through the Pumacocha Lake, the Shutco canyon and finally the Yuncalara waterfall.



Hike to the Huamanmarca archaeological complex, one of the first settlements of the Yauyos with buildings that date back 1200 years AD.


We depart in a van to Miraflores, from where we will walk to the old town of Huaquis, the pre-Hispanic housing constructions date from the X and XIV centuries


Hanging bridge

The longest and highest Hanging bridge in the world (4500 masl), which connects two mountains with a length around 1000 m.

Trout fishing

The Pumacocha Lake, located 18 kilometers from Laraos, is an excellent destination fish for rainbow trout.