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Discover the natural magic of Villarma

On the Cañete river bank, surrounded by impressive mountains, is Villarma, a hotel immersed in the majesty of the valley that offers its guests the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience in contact with nature, with the comfort that will make your visit an unmatched adventure.


Located within one of the most beautiful natural destinations in Peru: the Nor Yauyos Cochas Reserve, in the mountains of the department of Lima.


By plane: Lima/Jauja (50 min + 3h 40 min by car)

By car:  Lima / Cañete / Villarma (6h)

By car: Huancayo / Villarma (3h)

By car (on a 4x4): Lima / San Mateo (Río Blanco) / Tanta / Villarma (8h)

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Our restaurant prepares dishes from Novoandina cuisine, with local, sustainable and organic ingredients, such as Trout and Alpaca meat.

Some of our dishes

Trout Ceviche from Miraflores, Peruvian stirfry from alpaca, Grilled trout, Huancaina sauce fetuccini with Alpaca Loin or Steak.

For dessert, Chia pudin or Crepes with fruits or ice cream, to finish with a Muña tea (the Andean mint).


Aquí podrá visitar las lagunas turquesas y cataratas naturales más alucinantes, sus míticos nevados, el camino inca, zonas arqueológicas y sus milenarias andenerías así como su extensa flora y fauna.

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