FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

Prevention program

• As a preventive measure, only passengers assisting in private vehicles will be accepted.

• A foot bath will be placed at the entrance to the Villarma hotel with a concentration of 0.5 liters of bleach and 4.5 liters of cold water and passengers will be asked to step on it.

• Free antibacterial gel will be available at the reception and common areas.

• Receptionists will wear disposable gloves when checking in or handling guests' bags.

• Bellboys will carry out the bag disinfection protocol, including handles and wheels, spraying alcohol at 70 °.

• Temperature will be measured At the hotel entrance. In cases of fever (37.5 ° C and above), we reserve the right of admission.

• Once the Check In protocol has been completed, the receptionist must clean the surfaces and objects used by the guest with 70 ° Alcohol.

• Disinfection of common areas will be carried out with gloves, mask, glasses and cap using Pro14 from ecolab. This disinfection process of public areas will be carried out several times a day and should be of greater emphasis on door knobs, keypads, stair handrails, restaurant tables, television remotes.

• All stationery (brochures, various advertisements and others) will be eliminated.

• All workers inside the hotel will use N95 masks in order to minimize the spread of the virus. The mask will discarded after a 10 calendar days period.

• Masks will be delivered on a paper bag, in order preserve them correctly.

• Guest will be reminded to wear their mask on a mandatory basis.

• In case the guest needs medical attention, the nearest health center will be notified if it is a suspected case of coronavirus. The protocols established by the Ministry of Health will be activated, recommending that the guest call the number 113 "MINSA EPIDEMIOLOGY Alert". While MINSA attends the hotel, the guest must be isolated in his room together with the guests who were in the same room.

• All Housekeeping workers will wear personal protective equipment (cap, glasses, N95 mask, nitrile gloves and non-slip shoes) during the entire cleaning process of the rooms.

• At check out all rooms must be disinfected with Pro14 ecolab, prior to normal cleaning of the room.

• All restaurant staff should wear N95 masks and glasses.

• The waiters will ask diners to carry out the disinfection ritual: cleaning hands with gel alcohol and footwear in the footbath, to enter the restaurant.

• Temperature will be taken for all those who arrive at the restaurant.

• Restaurant will attend at 50% of capacity, with a separation of one and a half meters within tables as minimum.

• A credit / debit card, and cash disinfection protocol, will be carried out for all transactions.

• During this period, reservations will not be accepted for children under 6 years old or adults over 65 years old (risk group).

• Pets will not be accepted.

• Remember safety starts with proper hand washing for al least 20 seconds.

• The use of face masks is recommended in all areas of the hotel.

• Respect a safety distance of at least 2.0 m.


Check-in: 15:00 | Check-out: 12:00
Includes breakfast a la carte

• Breakfast is ready from 7:00 am to 9:30 am
• Free private parking
• Pets are not allowed

According with local tax laws, Peruvian citizens (and foreigners staying more than 59 days in Peru) must pay an 18% tax (General Sales Tax).
Foreign business guests who request a printed invoice must also pay this additional 18% tax, regardless of the time of their stay in Peru.
This fee is not automatically included in the total amount of the reservation.

We charge corkage on wines and other liqueurs.

Extra bed and children:
An additional person is subject to a cost of $ 45 a day, which includes an extra bed and breakfast. Children under 3 years old do not pay if they sleep in their parents beds and consume from their parents' dishes. There will be a charge to all consumption that is requested for the minor.


Booking confirmation:

We request payment of 100% of the reservation.

Once the deposit is made, we ask you to send us the voucher or the certificate to the email: info@hotelvillarma.com to confirm your reservation. Also communicate if you have any dietary restrictions.

Bank – BCP (Banco de Crédito del Peru)
Savings account Number (Peruvian soles): 191-21456317-0-46
CCI 00219112145631704659 DNI: 06592445

Savings account Number (American dollar): 193-29613437-1-61
CCI 00219312961343716119 DNI: 06592445

Bank – BBVA (Banco Continental)
Savings account Number (Peruvian soles): 0011-0106-02-00150879-21
CCI 011-106-000200150879-21 DNI: 06592445

Savings account Number (American dollar): 0011-0262-02-00090026
CCI 011-262-000200090026-32 DNI: 06592445

Both our bank accounts, are under the name of Carlos Alberto Castillo Reyes.

Cancellation policies

Up to 30 days before, Transfer 100% / Web 5% penalty
Between 15 and 30 days before, 25% penalty
Between 3 and 14 days before, 50% penalty
48 hours before, there is no refund
If the guest leaves before the end of their stay, it is considered cancellation and there is no refund.

Payment for change of date:
Up to 15 days before, 10% of the total value
Up to 10 days before, 20% of the total value
Up to 5 days before, 30% on the total value of the reservation
The validity of the package for date change is 6 months.
If at the end of it, the package has not been used, it is canceled and there is no refund.
A package can be reprogrammed only once.
Reprogramming is subject to room availability.
The date change is not valid for holidays or days close to holidays.


What to bring
Temperatures vary during the day, so we recommend:

• Hat and/or cap for the sun - Hat and/or beanie for the cold
• First layer - Fleece - Windbreaker Jacket - Warm jacket - T-shirts
• Trekking pants - Trekking shorts - Trekking socks - Trekking shoes and / or sneakers
•Winter gloves
• Swimsuit - Sandals - Neck scarf
• Sunglasses - Sunscreen - Small backpack
• Flashlight - Binoculars

Medical emergency
Medical Post at 4 Km. from the Hotel (in Alis)
For extreme emergencies, private clinics and hospital centers in Huancayo and Cañete.

Money management
Banks at Cañete and Huancayo.
ATM at Jauja, Huancayo and Cañete.
Payment by credit card at the hotel (Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express and others).

Travel in your own car
The road is completely paved, you can get here in any type of vehicle.
Keep in mind that there is no mechanical service between Lunahuaná to Huancayo (250 km)
Gas stations: We recommended you to fill your tank at the Conchan service stations outside Lima.
We recommend filling your tank at the Repsol gas starion in Lunahuaná (90, 95, 98 and Diesel).
On the route there are small places that sell 95 gasoline, but We do not guarantee purity, quantity or fuel price.

We are located in the highlands of the department of Lima, the climate in the area is dry, and temperatures vary during the day and at night.
During the summer (December to March) is the rainy and snow season in the highest altitude areas, the daytime temperature fluctuates between 14 ° C in the morning and 24 ° C in the afternoon with maximums of 28 ° C.
From June to September at daytime temperature ranges between 10 ° C and 30 ° C. At night the temperature drops to 0 ° C.
During the Andean winter (December to March), you must bear in mind the climatic instability to carry out the activities.